Our Work

The Niagara Post Theater, Inc. (501c3, not-for-profit) was formed with the vision of renovating and then operating the legacy military post movie theater in Fort Niagara State Park as a venue and toolset for supporting the arts. 

The objective is...

...to create an entity that will be self-sustaining and function as a responsible organization.  By renting space, skillsets, and equipment to individuals or groups who can provide entertainment to the public, the building will sustain itself.  A prime consideration will always be education, instruction and teaching.

“Our goal is to completely refurbish the closed US military post theater at Fort Niagara State Park.  This work will be a catalyst to revitalize the other nearby historic Fort Niagara State Park buildings, with the goal of re-creating the area as a destination for ART, HERITAGE and ECOTOURISM. To achieve this goal, we intend to obtain the support and resources of local, regional, national, and international individuals and organizations with interests in promoting the Arts.  The effort will be funded via donations, grants, foundations, and patrons.”

This depression era, Art Deco/Victorian fusion theater will be re-engineered and remediated to support quality live theater productions and instruction. A primary focus will be year-round Children’s Theater to promote confidence, team work, learning, friendship and community.

A secondary intent is to offer films, concerts, recitals, festivals and rental space. The resulting entertainment offered to the general public will generate operating revenues to cover expenses and expand future offerings.

“The real importance of this project, beyond the salvaging of an historical structure, is the offering of access to education, participation and entertainment for thousands of visitors to Fort Niagara State Park and residents in the surrounding communities.”

Phase 1

Our goal is to open in 2021 with basic functionality achieved. Since the lease agreement now validates the project and opens the opportunities for funds acceptance, we are pursuing monies to complete Phase One –  roof replacement, renovation of brickwork, contaminant removal, and infrastructure stabilization.

Phase 2 & 3

Phase Two (interior reconstruction) and Phase Three (incorporating functionality) will overlap, and include introducing production elements of an operating theater. In addition to hardware, component space will be added to facilitate live theater, concerts and road shows.